GO - Wild Indiana


In a world of Mum's always racing to get out the door with a their babes in tow, in a world still working its way through COVID-19. We want our Mum's to know we've got their back!

Featuring a silicone bib with convenient scoop and adjustable neck clasp, designed to catch food destined for the floor, yet keeping outfits safe! 

Our famous silicone spoon, safe and soft for little mouths, while helping to master the skill of feeding themselves. 

And a silicone placemat, for that cafe table, providing a "no-nasties" space for yummy food and little fingers.

All packed into a custom-designed, waterproof carry case that conveniently slips on the wrist or clips over the pram. Its got room for sanitiser, food pouches and even small food containers!

Mums (and Dads) can easily wipe it out when they get home - another way we are like to keep their life easy!

GO by Wild Indiana means Mums and bubs will be prepared, clean and safe, every time. Just grab it and go.